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XP Desktop Themes

Windows XP is the first windows OS to have more than 1 navigational layout theme, one called Classic (the one everyone is used to) and the XP theme (the one loaded as default). Now heres where it gets tricky so pay attention.

Alot of times there will be only one icon on the desktop (Recycle Bin), So if you ask a customer to right click "My Computer" icon and he/she says "I dont have one" dont be suprised. You'll just simply have to access it through the "Start" button at the bottom left of the screen.

And that leads me to another very important point , The "Start Menu" at the bottom left of the screen also has a new look but at the same time also be changed to a look you and the customer will definately be more used to, So I suggest we star there first.

Below is what the "Start" up menu looks like by default under the XP theme as shown below.

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