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Windows XP : Tcp/ip Tutorial and screenshots.

TCP-IP release all and renew all Windows XP:

Like Windows 2000, Windows XP does not have "winipcfg" so you must go into DOS to acheive this as seen below. Go to "Start" and click on "Run".


Type in either "cmd" or "command"---doesnt matter. and click "OK".

Then type in "ipconfig /release" and press enter.

Now type in "ipconfig /renew" and press enter.

As you can see below the Ethernet interface has a Windows default IP (Bogus)

Below is an example of what you will see if the renewing of the IP address of the Ethernet/Usb device fails. In this case it was the most common error you will see. "unable to contact DHCP server".

Below is an example of what we want to see, a renewed valid IP address along with Default Gateway IP address.

And thats how you Release and Renew in both Windows XP and 2000.

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