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Macintosh OS8/9 and OSX/10 Screenshots and walk thru's.


Mac OS 8/9 - Rebuild the Desktop:

What is it?
Rebuilding the desktop is much like Defrag on the PC. Over time the files need to be put back in thier places. When should I? When a program(s) will stop working, or not functioning properly. OR after there have been many installes and uninstalls of various programs, or after use over a period of time.

Why should I? Because this is a quick fix for a very common problem. In most cases after the desktop is rebuilt The programs start working again. Rebuilding the desktop is very simple.

Step One
: Have the user reboot the computer.

Step Two:
Right after the computer starts powering back up have the user press and hold the Apple (command) Key + Option Key.

Have them hold this while the computer is booting up. Just before it completes a box will appear asking the user if they want to rebuild the desktop.

Step Three
: Click Yes

It is recommended that Macintosh users to rebuild the desktop at least once a month.

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